A life recorded is twice precious - first the experience itself and then the memory of it full and sweet when we read about it later.
Elaine Cannon

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Table Top Thursday.....with flowers..........

               A table top with pink roses and another in the bed room with many pretty flowers put together

Another Table Top Thursday with Susan @ Between Naps On The Porch

                                                      Kitchen counter that we use as a table and the last picture is a toiler top I hope that counts in our table top Thursday.           Visit Susan and see many more table tops with flowers.
                                      Till later
                                           Sharon K

A day in May

It is a cold day in May and I am waiting for the sun to shine and the winds to calm down just a little.   Charlie and I are at our little lake place just waiting for the warm weather to come to the area.   We bought a new 12 foot wide trailer last fall and want to go out side and sit in the sunshine
  I have planted a few flowers around the pond but have not been able to go out and enjoy them.   All right I have talked enough about the weather, all the complaining will not help so Sharon just shut up and enjoy what you have.          I had a good Mothers day with my girls, went out to lunch and bought flowers for the garden.     Just wanted to wish every one a happy and warm May. 
 PS...Just bought the Picnik extras and will have fun blogging  again, so please come back and visit me often.
               Till another time
                                           Sharon K

Monday, March 22, 2010

Show of your cottage Monday................

Hi.......   welcome to another Show Off Your Cottage Monday" at  Cielo's   lovely home in the roses
I am going to show a few pictures of my little cottage. Please go to the House in the Roses and join in to see many cottage looks   The picture below is of my Mother when she was a young lady, in front of the picture is a small part of her lovely china.

.Above is a picture of old fashioned dresses and a picture of the little girl that may have worn them years ago.

This cake below  sits in my dining room and looks good enough to eat.    The last picture is in my living room and it is pictures of my Mother when she was a baby with my grandparents.
   One of the things about the cottage look is any thing you like can be part of the look.  As you can see I decorate my cottage with old family pictures and any thing that I treasure.   Decorating is about putting together the look you love, and I love the look of  another time.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Table Top Tuesday and the look of another time.........


    Welcome to another Table Top Tuesday..........
This is my memory shelf that holds many family memories, pictures of my sister, mother and father that has passed away,  A glass and dish that was my Mother's and a bible that was my father's.  The three angels are my loved ones that are no longer here.
This is a picture of Charlies mother and father on their wedding day, siting next to it is my grandfather's cup that says Think Of Me

A picture of our granddaughter Hannah that sits on a shelf of our entertainment center.

                                   Another table top and my silver tea pot.
As you can see from the pictures I like old family pictures, that is one of my favorite things to decorate with when you want the country cottage look.  Look in the boxes of old pictures you have and get some old family pictures out and decorate with them.   You can clean the closet  and decorate to.
                            Till Later.............                                               Sharon K

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring is in the air.....

Hi, thank you for the visit,   In three days it will be spring and we in Ohio are so happy.  It has been a long winter here at the Kassay home.  Charlie has been fighting cancer, the snow was so deep and the breezes were so cold but last week spring was in the air..   This short post is going to make us think spring and summer so sit back relax and dream a little.
                                                         My favorite spring flower.

                                                    A picture I took last summer
I hope this small post helped you think about the seasons ahead of us, we have a lot of sunshine and warm breezes to look forward to.    Weather you lived in Florida or Ohio this winter I think we are all ready for the next season when soon spring will be in the air.( in just 3 more days )
                                                Love you guys,
                                                 Sharon K

Monday, March 8, 2010

Table Top Tuesday And The Color Red..............

Table Top Tuesday hosted by Marty..

  Hi  welcome to Marty's party.   You can go to her blog and see many good ideas, and most of them are a spring theme.  Yes we are all  thinking
spring and decorating spring after this very long and cold winter.  Remember March 20th is only a few weeks away.
  I am going to share a few counter tops in my kitchen this week.  Can you tell from the pictures  that I like the color red?

  I have to get my spring flowers and bunnys out next week and then I also will be ready for spring.    Come back soon to visit my little cottage.
                          Sharon K  

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ada Amelia..........

Hi everyone,  welcome to my little cottage, today is a special day for me and my family.  It is the day 98 years ago that my wonderful mother was born.   And what a lovely lady she was, beautiful on the inside and out.  She was my best friend and my mentor, she is so very much missed today and always.  I love you so much.

  You have always been my  strength     the rock on which I stand.  Over the years I have gained so much wisdom I was always guided by your gentle hand
  The kindness you always have shown In every word and dead has made a blessing in my life in so many times of need.                   Your little girl,   Sharon K

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Table Top Tuesday............

TABLE TOP TUESDAY on the Stroll Thru Life Blog HERE.
                       A good morning to everyone and welcome to Table Top Tuesday sponcered by Marty 
Marty took on a big job, please go to her blog and check out all the lovely table tops.  It is such fun to go in to homes and see how they decorate and get some new ideas.  The picture of the cute little boy is my Charlie when he was a little guy..  All the pictures are family treasures, the three children are Charlies dad and two sisters at there conformation..   I love my pretty lady  checking her self out in a mirror.  I put a few silk roses on my lamp to make the seting look more Victorian.   I also added lace to the bottom of the shade to make the look I wanted.   Please come back soon and visit me and my little cottage
                                                                       Hugs, Sharon

Monday, February 22, 2010

The color red, Cabin fever, And roses.............

Hi,  A happy Monday to everyone, hope you had a good week end and you are  ready to start another week of this long long  winter..   I know why it has been so long for Charlie and me, usually we spend a month or two or three in Florida.  It is the first winter in twenty years we have stayed in Ohio the whole winter.  Charlie is taking chemo and a test drug for lung cancer so we are here for the whole season.    I hope every one up north will think spring with me.

   I am in the house way to much and looking at the same thing every day, I now know why people say they have cabin fever because this year I caught it to.   As I sit around and look at the same thing over and over I think just what could I do to change a few things, I can not move the furniture because there is only one way in my long dining and living room for the furniture to sit..

But I am going to change every thing else I can.  As you can see in the picture above there is just so much I can do, you can see the color red and pictures of roses every where in my home.  I can not move the furniture or change all of the colors but I can get the paint brush out, move some pictures, change the drapes and do a few  things here and there to change the look.  Please come back to see the before and after pictures of my little cabin where I caught the bad winter fever.
                        Love ya,   Sharon

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Cloche Party

is having a party to
 share our cloches for the season.
This red glass was a set of my Mothers glasses that I grew up admiring when I was a little girl.   I only have one glass now but it a true treasure.  That is why it is under glass at my cottage.  I only have a few cloches now to show but I sure have a lot of wonderful ideas now that I have been at Marty's home and joined in to her party.
                                                                     Hugs,  Sharon K

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Welcome To My Cottage......

A Big Welcome To My Cottage 

  Please sit a while have some tea and I will show you around.my little home.   The decorating books always tell us to surround our self with the things that we love, if you walk through my home you would think I love every thing.   Any thing that is old, vintage, a family  hand me down , that special treasure I found at the thrift store.or  that special friend that knows me well and finds the perfect gift.   You will find it just siting around waiting for the once a week feather dusting.  I will share just a few of my treasures today. 
       Thank you for the visit and come back soon.  I have so many things to share with you.
                                                           Love you guys,    *Sharon*                          

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wiill You Be My Valentine?

To all my family and friends I send you..............
A wonderful Valentine Day filled with all you love. May you eat choclate and not gain a pound, may you sit long and read a good book, may you put on wonderful music and dance like no one is watching. May you have a day where you pamper your self......and most of all may you sit and count your many blessing on this Valentine;s Day. Love to all...........      Sharon K