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Elaine Cannon

Monday, February 22, 2010

The color red, Cabin fever, And roses.............

Hi,  A happy Monday to everyone, hope you had a good week end and you are  ready to start another week of this long long  winter..   I know why it has been so long for Charlie and me, usually we spend a month or two or three in Florida.  It is the first winter in twenty years we have stayed in Ohio the whole winter.  Charlie is taking chemo and a test drug for lung cancer so we are here for the whole season.    I hope every one up north will think spring with me.

   I am in the house way to much and looking at the same thing every day, I now know why people say they have cabin fever because this year I caught it to.   As I sit around and look at the same thing over and over I think just what could I do to change a few things, I can not move the furniture because there is only one way in my long dining and living room for the furniture to sit..

But I am going to change every thing else I can.  As you can see in the picture above there is just so much I can do, you can see the color red and pictures of roses every where in my home.  I can not move the furniture or change all of the colors but I can get the paint brush out, move some pictures, change the drapes and do a few  things here and there to change the look.  Please come back to see the before and after pictures of my little cabin where I caught the bad winter fever.
                        Love ya,   Sharon


Anonymous said...

I'm with you, winter last much too long. I'm more than ready for spring. Hopefully see you and Charlie this weekend. Love ya, Tam

PEA said...

I think it looks perfect as it is but I know what you mean about getting tired of looking at the same thing every day. I have no doubt that whatever you do to change the rooms around, it will be beautiful:-)

My mom really misses going to spend winters in Florida. She had been going there for 16 years before Ransom passed away and I remember how hard it was for her to get used to our winters here again.

It's 24F here right now so winter still has its grip on us. Take care my friend and know that my prayers are with your hubby. xoxo

Stacey said...

Sharon, being cooped up in the winter does make us want to change things. I have been working on my dining room. I'll warn you though that being in the winter darkness makes it hard to be satisfied with what you do...at least it has me. Your rooms are gorgeous. I love red also! Love your couch and that great shelf you have running along the wall.